Partnering Investors To Meaningful Property Projects

You want your money to work hard for you and we do too. We help savvy professionals invest in high-quality property developments at a level they can afford, with experienced developers invested in making the deal work. With weekly expert interviews, monthly webinars and networking events, you can earn while you learn.

Why Work With Us?

Access High Quality Real Estate Projects At An Investment Level You Can Afford

Getting access to good quality deals often means you need to have a lot of capital to get started. However, by partnering with us you can be involved in projects at a level that works for you.

Earn While You Learn



We provide education to all of our investment partners through weekly expert interviews, monthly Q & A's with our development managers plus monthly networking events.



Leverage Our Expertise

And Collaboration


With our combined 70 years of experience plus that of our collaboration partners, we skilfully navigate development projects to a successful outcome, while supporting you to reach your investment goals.

Make A Good Return On Your Investment

We look for projects with positive net cash-flow of 8% or higher or uplift projects that offer a minimum 20% return on invested capital p.a.




Case Study

We purchased a commercial property which had a mix of showroom and light industrial areas. Significant uplift was available through strata-titling the building into 5 units, and selling each unit separately to the business owner occupier market. 


Using our expertise and leveraging our A-Team, we completed the due diligence on the property, including council searches, the existing tenants and the market in that location.


With a favourable outcome from the due diligence, we then invited our Investment partners to be part of the project, and obtained debt funding from a financier. We raised the funds to complete the development within 30 days and our investment partners are on target to receive development returns within 12-15 months.


This project represents less risk compared to a full development project as no construction work is required.

Knowledge Base

Success Stories

I think The Priority List is a really good thing of value to invest in these particular deals. In the sense of replacing income, providing passive income, whatever the goal is, if they don’t have enough funds to invest themselves into their own commercial property or are time poor or don’t have the knowledge - it’s a great offering.

S. Zambrano, NSW

I chose to join The Priority List as I have been searching for a long time for the right strategy and people to invest with, and you have come across to me as warm, inviting, caring and extremely knowledgeable.


My experience so far has been very positive. I am looking forward to the next project as I am keen to invest.

C David, QLD

Commercial Real Estate has been an interest the last couple of years, however with interest rates where they were it didn't make sense to invest, own and lease. 


The "Strathaird" project definitely fitted into the way we were thinking. I found talking to Mish helped us; the conversation was sensible, down to earth and engaging. 


The follow up Zoom meetings have further given us confidence we have a team working for us who know what they are doing; this is a great adventure for us. 

J & D Cossar, VIC

We first heard of Mish Daniels as we were looking at purchasing a commercial property to increase our cash flow. 


Mish has offered us to invest in a great commercial deal  as well as we will be getting the education of how this deal will be put together throughout the whole process, which sounded really good for us. 


So far it has been a really great experience, we have been included through this project and the education process had been amazing. We definitely will be investing again and will recommend our friends to invest as well.

R Cassar, VIC

It has been a dream of mine to own investment properties (houses) that generate positive cashflow from it.

Since the first time I spoke to you, I felt very comfortable with you. You provided me with information, not 'selling me' something. I did not feel pressured in committing to be involved in your company. 

Although I have not personally met with Mish and Symon - I like them already! I watched the webinar on 'Navigating the Purchase', where they both negotiated with the vendor. Their values resonated with mine. Would I recommend you to others? A BIG "YES"!

J McLellan, QLD

About Us

Symon Peters

Over his 32 year career Symon has been involved in over $300m worth of development projects, starting with small lot subdivisions up to a 300 acre waterfront property in Cairns. 


Symon advises companies such as Homecorp Property Group, Anytime Fitness Australia, Newlands and Odessey Aged Care


    Dionne Payn 

    Dionne began her property development journey in 2014, with a small renovation and subdivision project. Since then she has delivered a number of projects including a 14 townhouse affordable housing project. 


    For Dionne, successful property projects are an equal mix of good relationships, persistence and creating win-win scenarios for all stakeholders. 

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